Become part of Stoosbahnen and be close to the exciting developments on Stoos in the future!

The «new» funicular railway has already opened 3 years ago, this did not affect its fascination and still brings joy to guests from far and wide. Our focus currently lays on the advancement of new projects : this includes the development of the area Maggiweid-Sternegg-Stooshütte, the addition of floors to our parking garage and also the expansion of the infrastructur on Stoos to increase the overall appeal of the whole product «Stoos» in the summer and winter season taking into account the gastronomy and digisation. These projects need additional funds, with which we can co-finance these investions. Participate in this development and benefit from it. We would be happy to inform you about the possibilities in a personal conversation.

The tax value as of 31.12.2021 is CHF 10.- per share.

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Andreas Herger - Administrator Shareholders

Marc Luthiger - Chief Financial Officer

General Assembly Next year's General Assembly will be held on 23rd June 2022. Further information will follow at a later date.

Shareholder proposals for resolutions to be submitted to the Board of Directors were accepted until 23rd April 2022 by e-mail (

THANK YOU Thomas + Bruno The Stoosbahnen AG would like to thank the outgoing Chairman of the Board of Directors, Thomas Meyer, and the Delegate of the Board of Directors and overall project manager, Bruno Lifart.

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