"Wetterschmöcker" lecture

The Muotathaler Wetterschmöcker are also known as "Muotathaler Wetterfrösche". They are a group of amateur meteorologists from the region of Innerschwyz.

The Muotathal weathermen are also known as the "Muotathal weathermen". With their rustic and down-to-earth manner, they incorporate their semi-annual observations in the wild into weather forecasts. The audience of the "Wetterschmöcker" lecture learns more about the weather in an entertaining and humorous way. You can book the weather talk in any restaurant on Stoos. The possible speakers are subject to availability. Price on request Languages The Wetterschmöcker lecture can only be booked in Schwyz dialect (with Muotathal dialect). Duration approx. 30-40 min. Reservations via oder +41 (0)41 818 08 08

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