Top 5 Mount Stoos experiences

The top 5 experiences you must have seen on Mount Stoos.

Viewpoints, steep experiences and a cool down - Mount Stoos is versatile!

Enjoy hiking or leisurely viewpoints, treat yourself to a culinary regional treat along the way or cool your feet in the little lake - these are our top 5 experiences on Mount Stoos. Already the approach to Mount Stoos is a highlight! With a gradient of 110%, you always drive horizontally into the middle of the mountain village Stoos - a world record. Because we have the steepest funicular in the world!

📸 funicular Schwyz-Stoos on the route

Once at the top, a 15-minute walk takes you to the Stooshorn lookout point. From there you can see the entire Schwyz valley basin and many mountain peaks.

📸 Stooshorn

Are you interested in a special hike with culinary stops? Then the Alp Cheese Trail is just the thing for you! Starting at the mountain station, the approximately 3.5-hour hiking trail leads past a real alpine cheese dairy and invites you to taste regional alpine cheese at three of six stops (with a valid Alp Cheese Pass).

📸 on the Alp Cheese Trail

After a long hike or just a hot day, you like to cool off your feet. At little Stoos lake you can walk out onto the lake on a footbridge and cool your feet with the lake water. If you still have lunch or dinner with you, you can grill and picnic this comfortably around the Seeli.

📸 footbridge on the little Stoos lake

One of the most famous and popular excursions are high up - to the Fronalpstock peak. This experience is not to be missed! The chairlifts will take you comfortably straight to the viewpoint, where you can enjoy a view of 10 lakes. You also have the possibility to eat at the restaurant on the summit. P.S. During the summer months, the chairlifts run partly earlier for all early risers who want to enjoy the sunrise at 1'922 m above sea level. Or longer in the evening for all romantics who want to experience the sunset on the summit.

📸 Fronalpstock summit by night
📸 Fronalpstock summit
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