The perfect Stoos day

The offers that every Stoos guest must experience once.

The perfect day on Stoos starts with the steepest funicular in the world, which takes guests to the paradise of Stoos in just 5 minutes. The steepest funicular in the world provides a super view of the Mythen during the ride, and if you pay close attention you might even see chamois next to the track.

Standseilbahn Schwyz-Stoos
the steepest funicular in the world
A real masterpiece! The modern funicular brings around 1,500 guests / hour up to Mount Stoos.

When you arrive at the mountain station, the Stoos mascot «Fröneli» is already waiting. Scan your ticket at Fröneli's Photopoint, position yourself next to Fröneli and smile! This way you already have the first souvenir of the Stoos excursion.

Frönelis Photopoint Stoos
Frönelis Photopoint
Fröneli is ready for the family photo! Scan the mountain railroad ticket, stand there and smile!

It's already on to the next attraction: the Alpchäs trail. On the approximately 3.5-hour hiking trail, you can taste and enjoy fine alpine cheese from the Stoos-Muota Valley region with the Alpchäspass and even hike to a real alpine cheese dairy.

Alp Cheese trail

Double mountain pleasure: panoramic view over various mountain peaks and alpine cheese fun.

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After the strenuous but panoramic hike, your stomach is bound to growl! Various fireplaces with wood and picnic areas invite you to take a lunch break on the idyllic Stoos. If you are still missing barbecue or picnic stuff, this can be purchased comfortably at the Stoos Shop & Rental or at Gnusseggä at Suter Sport.

Feuerstelle Stoos-Seeli
Fire places & picnic areas

On Mount Stoos, there are several ways to keep the sausage over the fire.

to the fire places & picnic areas

here you can buy your barbecue or picnic stuff

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There is still something very special waiting for you. The view over 10 lakes and countless mountain peaks must not be forgotten during the excursion to the Stoos!

On the summit of the Fronalpstock, the children romp around on the goat playground and the adults comfortably sip a coffee in the Fronalpstock Hotel | Restaurant, right next to the top station of the chairlift. Even the goat, which are always grumbling on the summit during the summer, are happy to be stroked by young and old. Do not forget the souvenir photo on the photo platform! 😉

what there is to discover on the Fronalpstock

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If you want to get some exercise, you can walk along the panoramic trail Fronalpstock, which takes about 30 minutes and is also accessible with all-terrain (and foldable) strollers. Panoramic views all along the way!

Panoramaweg Fronalpstock
Panorama trail Fronalpstock

This trail is a small version of the ridge hiking trail between Klingenstock and Fronalpstock.

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