Little Stoos Lake

The little Stoos Lake is idyllically located and surrounded by mountain peaks.

It offers fireplaces, picnic spots and a children’s water game as well as toilet facilities.

A footbridge leads onto the lake, where you can cool your feet in the water after a hike.

Facts about the little Stoos Lake

The lake was built in 2008/09 by the Stoosbahnen AG. It holds approx. 22'000m3 water and is supplied exclusively from the overflow of the Stoos water supply. It serves several purposes: • Experience and meeting place for young and old in summer time • Water reservoir for snowmaking in winter • Source of extinguishing water for firefighting operations • Emergency reserve for a possible return to the drinking water reservoir • Flood protection for the village of Stoos during heavy rainfall in and around the frontal area Attention: Especially during winter time the water level of the lake can rise or fall rapidly. Use of the lake and the surrounding area is at your own risk.

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