Swiss ski school Stoos

The well-positioned team of ski and snowboard instructors at the Swiss Ski School Stoos is happy to teach beginners, advanced and expert skiers on the Stoos slopes.

From Blue to Black - the Swiss Ski School Stoos teaches according to strength classes of the Swiss Snow League.

Children and adults can choose between:

  • Group lessons ski

  • Group lessons snowboard

  • private lessons alpine skiing, carving, freestyle skiing and snowboarding

Even the youngest children learn about snow and ski in a playful way with the character Snowli.

  • Snowgarden: In the Snow Kids Village of the Snowli children's ski school children from the age of 4 are welcome. With figures, covered conveyor belt and ski carousel, ski lessons are even more fun.

  • Piccolo lesson: The trained children's ski instructors help Snowli, guide the three to five year olds in their first attempts in the snow. in the snow.

Fancy a change of pace? Even in a winter sports resort, you can put away your skis and snowboard once in a while. Because there are other winter activities to discover!

The Swiss Ski School Stoos also offers cross-country skiing and snowshoe courses in the snowy winter landscape on Stoos.

Schweizer Skischule Stoos, Ringstrasse 108, 6433 Stoos
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