I'm a Oberällmiger

The Oberallmeindkorporation Schwyz (OAK) is the builder and owner of the Stoos Hüttä. With a contemporary and functional building, they wanted to create space for an additional gastronomic offer.

MODERN CONSTRUCTION The two-story, compact timber building is characterized by its modern, prefabricated construction method using regional building materials and thus expresses the state of the art in timber construction technology today. The prefabricated wall and ceiling elements were assembled on site.

SCHWYZER WOOD The elements consist of an outer wooden shingle, an insulation layer and an inner surface in visible spruce wood. The raw wood surfaces give the building a natural and simple appearance both outside and inside. Ceiling and wall cladding, as well as parquet flooring, built-in cabinets and furniture were mostly made of OAK wood, which meets Minergie requirements.

TOTALLY REGIONAL Many materials such as shingles or parquet flooring are basically no longer produced in Switzerland. With great commitment of all involved, the production of many products could be brought back to Switzerland. 95% of all companies involved come from the Schwyz valley basin and the Muotatal valley.

ENERGY SUPPLY The wood-burning fireplace in the restaurant is the central element of the heat supply. On the one hand, the water-bearing chimney stove heats the large storage tank for heating and domestic hot water and, on the other hand, ensures a cozy atmosphere in the restaurant. The local wood from OAK Schwyz is used as the main energy source and ensures a sustainable energy supply for the Stoos Hüttä. In addition, the restaurant operates its own photovoltaic system on the roof.

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