Bounce Circus Opening hours and prices

Unique fun experience in the Fronalphalle on Mount Stoos!

Get an overview of the opening hours and prices of the largest bouncy castle in Switzerland here.

A maximum of 50 people are allowed in the Bounce Circus per session.

Opening hours

Session: 30 minutes Every full & half hour Start End Last session
26th December 22 - 23th February 23 10am 5pm 4.30pm


Admission prices regular 1 token = 1 session of 30 min. for 1 person
1 - 4 jetons 8.- / jeton
5 - 9 jetons 7.- / jeton
from 10 jetons 6.- / jeton

Jetons for the Bounce Circus are available at the Stoos Shop & Rental and at the restaurant zum Gadä.

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