Do you want to experience a "Moor fun" and learn more about the unique fen and raised bog in Teufböni?

The excursion to the Moor Trail is just the thing for nature lovers!

Whether with the whole family, with a school class, with a partner or alone - on the moor trail you can test your knowledge about the moor with a memoory, moor bath game and more.

Scratch the Moorsezeichen on the collector's card, which are available on site, and receive a little surprise in the Stoos Shop & Rental!

A near-natural and approximately 1.6 kilometers long adventure trail has been created through the moor. The circular path offers a lot of movement, games, fun and variety. Fireplace and water games at the nearby Stoos-Seeli make the adventure trail an exciting excursion. The hiking trail is also accessible with all-terrain stroller.

Under the operating information you can see if the moor trail is open.


Brochure Moor Trail Stoos
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Adventure map summer 2024
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