You don't want to take your whole backpack with you on the hike / skiing day? Luggage depots are ready at various locations!

Deposit your backpack conveniently at the feeder lifts to have your hands free during your visit to Stoos.

Luggage depots are in the following locations:

  • Mountain station (exit) cable car Morschach-Stoos

  • Valley station funicular Schwyz-Stoos

  • Mountain station (exit) funicular Schwyz-Stoos

A total of 32 lockable cupboards for backpacks are available. They work with a key system. After the money has been inserted, the cabinet can be closed and the key removed.

At the top station of the funicular there are 16 cabinets, at the top station there are 8 cabinets and at the top station there are 8 cabinets.

Cabinet sizes height 45 cm, width 26 cm, length 46 cm

Prices Luggagedepot

Per cabinet 2.- (2x 1.-) - there is no money back
Money exchange possible in the Stoos Shop & Rental + at the mountain stations of the feeder lines
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