Facts to the cable car Morschach-Stoos

The cable car from Morschach to Stoos has been in operation since 12th December 1981. Following you will find some facts.

For Wheelchair & Stroller

the cable car is less suitable. There are disabled parking spaces at the valley station, but there is no disabled toilet at the valley or mountain station of the cable car.

A parking garage & parking spaces

under the open sky are located directly at the valley station.

The tickets

you can pay at the mountain station.

7 minutes

is the travel time with the cable car to Stoos. If there is a big rush, the ride is continuous.

150 passengers

can be transported in one hour. Cabins capacity: 15 people

2’200 m

measures the horizontal length from the valley station to the mountain station.

190 m

is the largest ground clearance of the cable car.

22.9 %

medium gradient overcomes the cable car.

475 altitude meters

overcomes the cable car from Morschach to Stoos.


Morschach - Stoos
until December 2022 (without revision) 7.10-19.10h* 20.10h 21.10h 22.10h 23.10h**
Legend + inspection period cable car


Schwyz/Morschach - Stoos Adult Adult GA travelcard Adult Swiss Travel Pass Adult half-fare card Child Child junior travelcard
Ascent & descent 22.- free free 11.- 11.- free
Single trip 11.- free free 5.50 5.50 free
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