Bounce Circus for groups

Duration: 30 minutes Price per person: see table below Reservation:

The biggest bouncy castle in Switzerland is on Mount Stoos again from December 26, 2024 until the beginning of March 2025. After a successful group excursion with delicious restaurant visits and fun activities, a bouncy experience like this is an unforgettable finale for young and old alike. Sessions start every half hour (xx:00 & xx:30) and the duration of each session is 25 minutes. The Bounce Circus is open from 1 pm - 6 pm and the last session starts at 5.30 pm. In addition to the general opening hours, it is also possible to hire the Bounce Circus exclusively for your group. A maximum of 49 people are allowed in the Bounce Circus per session. Reservations are recommended for groups.

Bounce Circus Stoos, Sportweg 6, 6433 Stoos

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