Insight on the alp

The Fronalp trail offers insights into the life of the alpine farmers on Stoos, their traditions and rituals at nine stations. Over hill and dale, to well-tended alpine meadows and fantastic views, the trail leads from the Fronalpstock summit down into the front valley to the Stoos-Seeli.

A wooden ball is the playful companion: from the balancing game on the sunny island to the ball tracks and scenic resting places in nature. Original elements, for example a telescope, milk churns and the bell puzzle, are located on the adventure trail. In addition, special features such as the prayer call and medicinal plants are presented.

A big thank you goes to the alpine farmers who made the realization of this adventure trail possible. Thanks to all hikers who stay on the marked path and are mindful of the sensitive mountain nature.

The hike itself takes about 2 hours plus the individual stopover time at the stations. The Fronalpweg is not accessible with baby carriages.

The Fronalp trail was realized by the Stoosbahnen with the kind support of the Similasan company.

Adventure map summer 2023
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