You can feel like a racer on the Klingenstock. The piste, built according to FIS guidelines, is open to all skiers outside training and race hours.

Professional sportsmen train in speed disciplines on the Franz Heinzer piste, and do their downhill and super-G races on it, too. Whoever is good at skiing and feels venturous enough can have a go like them. But beware, the piste is very steep and you basically zoom down towards the valley in a direct line.

  • Start: Klingenstock 1,935 metres above sea level

  • Destination: Valley station chairlift Klingenstock 1,346 metres above sea level

  • Length: 4 kilometres

  • Slope: 30 % average, 90% maximum

  • Level of difficulty: difficult

  • A chairlift takes you to the starting point.

The racetrack has a high safety standard. This was also important to Franz Heinzer, after whom it is named. He was world champion in 1991 and one of the most successful Swiss ski racers.

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