For pet lovers

There are various species of animals cavorting around on Mount Stoos. Will you manage to see them all?

The first animals can already be spotted on the funicular ride up the mountain. Look closely. Next to the track of the steepest funicular in the world, chamois are climbing back and forth on the steep slope.

Further past the exit, on the forecourt of the steepest funicular in the world, you can see a Geissli - Fröneli as a wooden figure. Take a photo with the Stoos mascot as a souvenir before exploring the animals. 🐐

Once in the mountain village, you'll hear cowbells in various pastures. In summer, 1,600 cows, cattle, bulls, steers and calves moo all over Mount Stoos.

Can you hear the neighing? Horses also trot around Stoos during the summer and winter seasons with guests in their carriages.

Continue towards Fronalpstock. If you sit very leiste on the chair at the 2nd section, with little luck you can hear marmots whistling. They may even show themselves. 😀

At the top, the next animals are already approaching. On the Fronalpstock summit, mountain jackdaws can be seen again and again.

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