Fishing in the little mountain lake

A highlight for big and small: fishing together in the Stoos-Seeli and bringing the fish for lunch or dinner.

How would it be if the son or daughter from the family trip would bring dinner right away?

In Stoos-Seeli, the shipping company releases trout every spring and summer. Those who register at the Bergsonne Inn are allowed to fish. Fishing in the Seeli is allowed all year round. The official fishing season lasts from the end of May to mid-October.

Fishing rods can be rented at the Bergsonne Inn (please note the opening hours). And when the fish have bitten nicely, you go there again for weighing. The price per kilo is CHF 26. On request, the fish can also be gutted or prepared.

Fishing is only allowed with spigot and rod (no spoons or harrows).

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