An exhibition about the history of the mountain railroads as well as the mountain village Stoos.

In the Ski Depot at the mountain station of the funicular Schwyz-Stoos there is a lot to discover about the history of the mountain railroads and the mountain village Stoos.

You can discover in the exhibition various information about the construction of the steepest funicular in the world, as well as read more about the formation of Stoos. There is also the old affectionately called "Silver Bird" in the exhibition, which can be viewed.

There is also the possibility to watch the 45 minute film about the construction of the funicular Schwyz-Stoos for free.

In addition, at the valley station of the funicular, on the side wall of the Regio Shop, you will find further history boards on the history of the funicular and the mountain village.

The exhibition in the Ski Depot is open 24 hours a day.

Immerse yourself in the history of Stoos!

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