Steepest funicular in the world


110% = 47.7 degrees maximum gradient overcomes the steepest funicular in the world. This is a world record!

What you need to know about the funicular:

  • 110% = 47 degrees maximum gradient overcomes the funicular. World record! No other funicular in the world is steeper.

  • 1500 passengers per direction can be transported in one hour. This is 500 passengers more than on the old funicular.

  • The travel time is 4 - 7 minutes. Significantly less than with the old funicular. But even more important: The top station of the funicular is located in the middle of the village, right next to the skiing and hiking area - clear comfort for you!

  • The funicular climbs 744 meters in altitude from Schwyz to Stoos. The best thing about it: thanks to the automatic leveling of the cabins, you are standing on a level surface at all times - very comfortable! The lift is also wheelchair accessible.

  • 1740 meters is the distance from the bottom station to the top station.

  • 34 persons can be accommodated in one cabin. With four cabins per car, this results in a transport capacity of 136 persons per trip.

  • The planning and realization period lasted 14 years, during which eleven votes were won.

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