To rent sports equipment in the Stoos Shop & Rental.

In summer we offer you a selection of different sports equipment. Do you still need the right hiking socks? Were you surprised by the rain and need a waterproof rain jacket? Or do you fancy a ride on an e-bike?

Our sports assortment consists of

  • hiking socks

  • sunglasses

  • hiking poles

  • sun hats

  • backpacks

  • rain jackets

  • and many more articles

In summer, e-bikes can be rented from us for 1/2 day or a whole day.

In winter you have the possibility to rent the right skis from us. Likewise, you can put your skis in good hands for service. We are here for you with pleasure!

In winter we offer the following rentals

  • skis

  • nordic skis

  • ski boots

  • snowboards

  • snowboard boots

  • sledges

  • helmets

  • snowshoes

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