Experience regionality

If you want to send your sense of taste on a journey, Stoos is just the place for you.

Try out many local and traditional specialties from Stoos and the surrounding area.

On the Mountain Inn or Alpine Cheese trail you can taste regional cheese in restaurants and even hike to a real alp on the Alpine Cheese trail.

In the Regio Shop and Stoos Shop you will find many regional products from Stoos and the region Stoos-Muotatal. Buy cheese, yoghurt, an apple juice or regional products made of fabric or wood.

The alpine inn Laui on the Fronalpstock is famous for its delicious cheese slices from own production! Stop at the Laui-Wisel on your hike or as a break while skiing.

Alpchäs-Weg - Käseplättli
Alpine Cheese Trail

Mmhhhh…. taste and enjoy fine Stoos and Muotathaler alp cheese along the Alpine Cheese Trail directly on site.

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