For rustic Stoos guests

From the quaint store with regional products to the quaint musical entertainment at the summit.

Those who like it traditional and rustic will find various suitable offers on Stoos.

Already at the beginning of Mount Stoos day, you can indulge in culinary delights with products from the Stoos-Muotatal region. These can be found in the Regio Shop, at the valley station of the funicular railroad.

After shopping in the store, it's off up to the rustic mountain village of Stoos.

For even more enjoyment: The Alp Cheese Trail leads past a real alpine cheese dairy and tempts you to enjoy regional alpine cheese along the way. Simply redeem the Alp Cheese and fortify yourself along the way in three of six inns.

Alp Cheese trail

Double mountain pleasure: panoramic view over various mountain peaks and alpine cheese fun.

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Although you can taste alpine cheese along the way, it's not quite enough for lunch or dinner. Fill your stomach in one of the following quaintly furnished inns on Stoos.

In any case, the highlight from Mount Stoos should not be missed: the view on the Fronalpstock summit! Ride comfortably with the covered comfort chairlifts to the Fronalpstock or make the hike from Mount Stoos to the Fronalpstock. Once at the top, you can see the wonderful view over countless mountain peaks and lakes even before you get off the chair.

📸 Fronalpstock summit

If you want to listen to wonderful musical and rustic sounds, the evening rides during the summer are just right for you! First enjoy a fine dinner in the summit restaurant, watch the sunset and at the same time listen to alphorn sounds on the summit (only in good weather) and then ride back down to the village almost in the dark with the chairlifts.

Abendfahrten am Fronalpstock
Evening rides Fronalpstock

Enjoy picturesque sunsets on the Fronalpstock summit.

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